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That Moment When...

Interactive Digital Comedy Series

Editor 2017

Eko, season 1

Jill is a hot mess. It's up to YOU to navigate through a series of awkward moments that either leave her somewhat dignified or even hot-messier. Starring Milana Vayntrub, and created by Sandeep Parikh.

Choose your own adventure series here.


Music Video for "IYAM"

Co-Editor 2014


Innovative filmmaker Tim Young pulls off a custom camera rig in the back of a truck with the boys of Metermaids while they rap through Williamsburg, Brooklyn.


"IYAM" is the second single & video from Metermaids' new album "WE BROUGHT KNIVES."

Get Action

Short Film

Writer, Director, Producer, Editor, Actor 2016

A woman’s attempt to cheer up her grieving friend goes wrong when she drags her out onto the unpredictable streets of Brooklyn.

Child Care

Horror Feature Teaser

Editor 2018

A young woman’s first attempt at babysitting goes horribly wrong.

Benny to Benny

Short Film

Editor 2012

Official Selection:
Miami International Film Festival 2012
Sacramento International Film Festival 2012
New Jersey International Film Festival 2012
Northside Film Festival 2012

Starring: Cris Lankenau & Britt Lower
Writer/Director: George Manatos
Cinematographer: Chris Mosson
Editor: Elaine Strutz

Sitting on Babies


Finishing Editor on several eps 2013

Writers: Brooke Jacob, Becky Whittemore

Director: Tim Young

Starring: Brooke Jacob, Becky Whittemore, Seth McNell

Nature Boys

Short Film

Editor 2014

Logline: Two friends are set to go on a camping trip together, but their already-anxious friendship is strained even further when one of them brings a surprise guest along.

Starring Ilana Glazer, Jeremy Seglem, and Tyler J. Gilmore, Nature Boys is a dark, tense comedy about a very strange friendship.

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